Veneer tape 20mm x 200m

Veneer tape

Used to tape veneer sheets together to a larger sheet.
The tape prevents slippage to form a tight seam.

The glue is activated by moisting the tape before applying it.
When the tape is not needed any longer it’s easiest removed by dampening it slightly, let it sit for a minute and then peal it off.

This is a 200m roll of 20mm wide tape with two wholes punched in it. Some wholes will have the punched tape left.
Colour of the tape is brown.

Larger quantities can be supplied, please use Contact us page to enquire.

Marquetry Mix 0.25Kg

0.25kg random mix of veneer in lengths up to 30cm.
We try to mix it up as much we can with different species and different cuts but there will be duplicates.
Unfortunately we can’t take requests on what to include, it all depends on what we have om the odd shelf.
The photo is just an example of how much 0.75kg is, this is 0.25kg (250g) so imagine roughly a third of it.

This is roughly 15 sheets but can be a few less or more as it’s sold by weight.