Man inspecting wood veneer sheet

Stocking wood veneer for both  amateur and professional woodworkers at the best Australian prices.

As far as possible we only use the images of the veneer from the same log as what you would purchase, so while a pattern might change slightly from cut to cut the image will give you a good idea of how your veneer will look like. We focus on selling single sheets and small batches of veneer.
You can also be assured that purchasing multiple sheets of the same veneer they are delivered in sequence and hence can be used for book matching or any other kind of matching.

Our wood veneer is sourced mainly from Australia but we try to carry some imported exotic veneers as well.

Shipping is generally done with the veneer rolled into a cylinder and put in a protective cardboard box. The veneer will quickly straighten out if taken out of its roll and laid on a flat surface.

If you would like to see more products or just have suggestions for how to make the shop better then please send us an email through the Contact Us page. We are always interested in listening to your ideas and how we can improve.

Please enjoy your wood veneer shopping and come back again soon.